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     The Rockport High School scholarship is awarded to a Rockport resident graduating from high school who has demonstrated leadership in a ‘Green initiative’: e.g. horticulture, sustainability, ecology, environmental protection, conservation or a related field and plans to pursue further education in such a field. This scholarship is currently defined as a $2000 endowment and may be awarded to any student/s approved by the board. 


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Rena Kurth Scholarship



Rena Kurth Scholarship
The Rockport Garden Club is accepting applications for the Rena Kurth scholarship. The RGC Rena Kurth scholarship is awarded annually to a Rockport resident or a relative of a Rockport resident who has successfully completed at least one year in an accredited institution pursuing studies in horticulture, ecology, environmental studies or conservation.
Applicants must submit a letter of interest detailing their career plans, as well as a summary of school and/or community activities during the previous year and a summary of volunteer and/or employment since finishing high school. A copy of final grades for the school year just completed should be included with the letter of interest. The letter of interest and copy of grades should be received by Ms. Cynthia G. Johnson@ Rockport Garden Club, PO Box 712, Rockport, MA 01966, no later than June 14, 2020. The recipient (or recipients) will be presented with the scholarship at the Rockport Garden Club’s August picnic meeting.

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