General Schedules

Annual Schedule: Herbicide

  • May-June 
    • Document current infestation 
  • Mid-June to early July 
    • Cut and bag, and incinerate knotweed new growth unless stem  filling late 
  • August-early Sept. 
    • Herbicide treatments: stem filling, glove wiping, and  foliar spray
  • Sept. - October 
    • Cut, bag and incinerate dead stalks 

Annual Schedule: Cut Only Areas

  • May-June 
    • Document current infestation
  • Mid-June to early July 
    • Cut and bag knotweed new growth 
  • July-Oct. 
    • Three or more additional treatments of cutting and bagging new growth 

  1. Scan the area up to 60 feet away for new stems. 
  2. Cut knotweed stems individually to desired height, but less than 6". Note: Using a mechanical mower will probably spread the infestation since every knotweed fragment can start another plant if left on the ground. 
  3. Bag all knotweed fragments and incinerate.