Chores and Maintenance

  • Seed or sod new lawn – keep grass seed damp, mulch 
  • Edge, mulch flower beds for weed control (manure, seaweed, salt-marsh hay) 
  • Begin moving houseplants indoors after inspecting for insects – do not fertilize or prune now 
  • Destroy leaves infected with black spot and rust
  • Prepare beds for spring planting 

Plant and/or Transplant

  • Transplant evergreen trees and shrubs, ground covers, and perennials 
  • Divide and replant daylilies and iris 
  • Plant peonies, uppermost eyes 2” below surface 
  • Plant early spring bulbs – crocus, daffodils, hyacinths, tulips 
  • Plant gardens and containers with asters, mums, etc. 
  • Pot hardy spring bulbs for in-house blooming after late December 


  • Peonies with superphosphate 
  • Roses for the last time 
  • Lawn with fall feeding, more phosphorous and potassium than nitrogen (for root growth) 

Remember: 'Tis the season for yellow jackets -- Beware!