Welcome to Rockport in Bloom 2018

Tour History

Garden picket fence

The Rockport Garden Club began its annual garden tour in 1995 when club members were invited to visit a selection of other club member gardens. The tour was very popular among club members and a decision was made to make it available to the public in 2008.

Artists in the Gardens

Art in Bloom poster

Rockport in Bloom was again captured on canvas! Similar to our 2017 garden tour, our 2018 tour saw the addition of artists in the gardens! 

Ticket Sales

Rockport in Bloom Garden Tour ticket

Tickets purchased prior June 1 are $20 and $25 thereafter. There are several options for purchasing tickets.



View directions by car and train. Or take the shuttle.


Dock Square

See where to park at the gardens and in the town of Rockport.