Happy Birthday

Ninety years ago sixty two women met to form the Rockport Garden Club. As we pause to commemorate this milestone in our history, it is important to note that nine decades has not changed our mission. The Rockport Garden Club continues its dedication and service to the community through civic beauty, conservation, community service, flower arranging and ecology.

We began with seven gardens. Roughly half our membership now volunteer approximately 1500 hours a season planting and maintaining ten town gardens. Additionally, three locations are planted and maintained by one caregiver.

Roughly fifteen members serve on our Service Committee, providing flower arrangements before Mother's Day and Christmas for Den Mar dining tables and nursing stations. Every resident's door is decorated for Christmas and our plantings in Den Mar's patio garden are enjoyed well into the summer. In 2017, other members of this committee hosted three dinners for two hundred and twenty six hungry and lonely people at the Cape Ann Open Door.

The four members of our Invasive Plants Team have helped fifty-one different Rockport homeowners eliminate invasive plants on their property. Before trhe restoration of Millbrook Meadow and Mill Pond began, members eliminated as many species of invasive and nuisance plants as possible from that area.

Our Horticulture Committee offers gardening workshops, monthly gardening tips emailed to our members and "quick tips" for gardening in their monthly presentation at our teas. Programs following our monthly teas and site visits of interest to our members are carefully researched, planned and executed by our hard working Programs Committee.

All of this is funded through the efforts of our three fundraising committees - Plant Sale, Garden Tour and Harvest Fest. Due to the continued success of these committees, over the last three years, we have awarded an average $3,000.00 per year in scholarships to graduates of Rockport High School. These graduates have demonstrated leadership in a "green" initiative (eg. sustainability, ecology, environmental protection or conservation).

In an effort to encourage gardening through education, The Rockport Garden Club donated $5000.00 to the Rockport Public Schools Greenhouse Project. Children in the Rockport school system are learning to plant, grow and harvest food. Perhaps some of these children will develop a lifelong passion for gardening. Perhaps some will become future members of our dedicated group.

Here's to the next ninety years!

Joni Lane, President