~September 2019~

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Town of Rockport Water Restriction Notice


Per Joseph P. Parisi Jr. Director of Public Works

  • Effective May 27, 2019 till further notice

Restrictions and Actions

  • All non-essential outdoor water use is prohibited, except between the hours of 5 PM and 8 Pm.
  • The use of one hand held watering hose is allowed for a period of 1 hour to water lawns and gardens.
  • The use of soaker hoses and lawn and garden sprinkler system that use Town water is prohibited at all times while these water restrictions ar in effect .
  • The filling or replenishing of swimming or wading pools with Town water is prohibited all times while these water restrictions are in effect .
  • The washing of houses, automobiles, boats, windows, walkways and driveways, and other ground surfaces with Town water is prohibited al all times while these water restrictions are in effect. 
  • Ornamental fountains using Town water may not be operated.
  • Residents using well water for outdoor watering purposes must must register with the Department of Public Works and display a sign on their property visible to the street that indicates well water is being used for watering purposes.

Resource for Gardening Under Rockport's Water Ban Season

For more information on flowers that will adapt to this Summer's water restrictions, see following link to the UMass Amherst Agriculture Food & Environment:

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