Chores and Maintenance

  • Prune deciduous and evergreen hedges, spring flowering trees and shrubs - after blooming 
  • Remove dead, diseased wood from trees and shrubs 
  • Control weeds – pull when soil is damp 
  • Continue to pinch back mums and asters, until July 4th 
  • Stake tall plants 
  • Prune tomato plants 
  • Mulch vegetable garden to control weeds, and water 
  • Water 1” per week 
  • Water lawn a total of 1 – 1-1/2” per week; maintain lawn height at 2-1/2– 3” 

Plant and/or Transplant

  • Container-grown trees, shrubs, ground covers, annuals 
  • Transplant evergreens and perennials 
  • Start annuals in flats for later summer planting 
  • Transplant warm-season vegetable and herb seedlings to garden 
  • Sow seeds of biennials: sweet william, canterbury bells, English daisies, foxglove 


  • Roses with organic fertilizer (5-10-5)
  • Annuals and container plants with water-soluble fertilizer (monthly)
  • Vegetables with a slow-release fertilizer