Chores and Maintenance

  • Mulch plants – especially if you are to be away 
  • Pinch back mums and other fall bloomers no later than July 4 
  • Cut back faded roses to a leaf with 3-5 leaflets to produce longer-stemmed roses 
  • Stake tall plants 
  • Prune climbing and/or rambling roses – after blooming 
  • Begin to cut off flower stalks of daylilies - after blooming 
  • Continue "dead-heading" blossoms of perennials and annuals 

Plant and/or Transplant

  • Continue to plant container plants 
  • Sow biennials (foxglove, pansy, sweet William) flats for next season
  • Use herbs for ornamental qualities in garden beds 
  • Do not plant bare root or balled and burlapped stock at this time 


  • Heavily flowering evergreens (azalea & rhododendron ) with top dressing of oak leaf compost or cottonseed meal)– after blooming 
  • Continue organic rose care monthly
  • Mums with water-soluble fertilizer every 2-3 weeks until buds form 
  • Annual and container plants with 5-10-5 
  • Do not use lawn weed killer when temperature is over 75-80° 

Pest Control

  • Continue to check lawn for chinch bugs 
  • Check roses for black spots – remove leaves as they appear 
  • Use soapy solution for aphids, fungus, Jap. beetles, mildew