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"....because it is we who decide what plants will grow in our gardens,
the responsibility for our nation's biodiversity lies largely with us."

Douglas Tallamy, author of
'Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants'

Our team is ready to help any citizen of Rockport identify and eliminate invasive plants from their land. In 2017 we worked with about 50 different families.

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  • Nan Blue 978-546-9755 
  • Laura Hallowell 978-546-2405

Our Approach


Our approach will depend on your situation and preferences. Our primary focus has been to control Japanese Knotweed (often called "bamboo"), Oriental bittersweet, Garlic mustard, Bindweed, and Catchweed bedstraw. Lately we have found many new infestations of Black swallow wort in town, a particularly aggressive plant.

Sometimes smothering, digging, cutting and careful disposal in the town's trash dumpsters is enough to control an infestation over time. Often we recommend stem painting, stem filling or glove wiping with the wetland-approved version of Roundup. While we would never recommend using this product anywhere near food, we are following the procedures crafted by Mass Audubon and New England Wildflower society to control invasive plants.

When work is within the 100-foot wetland buffer zone, we can often add you to an existing permit with the Rockport Conservation Commission.

What is Japanese Knotweed?


Originally imported as an ornamental in the late 1800s, Japanese knotweed was recognized decades later as one of the most tenacious, aggressive, and
invasive plants ever imported to the Western Hemisphere. 

Eliminating knotweed will be a long-term process with repeated effort for several years. We will coach you through the process. Through education and identification and community-wide efforts, we hope one day Rockport will become free of this noxious weed. 

Treatment Options


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General Schedules


Annual schedule for herbicide and cut only areas. 

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Invasive plant alert from the Invasive Plants Team

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