By Car

Follow Route 128 North to Gloucester. In Gloucester you will come upon 2 rotaries.

  1. Continue straight through both rotaries.
  2. Follow the signs toward Rockport past the second rotary to the first traffic light. This is Route 127 North (Eastern Avenue).
  3. Turn left onto Route 127 and follow for 3.0 miles.

Travel note about Interstate 95 and Route 128:

Routes 128 and 95 are the same highway from southern Massachusetts until Peabody, MA. In Peabody Route 95 branches off to the right toward New Hampshire and Maine. 

When traveling north on Interstate 95/Route 128, you must stay on Route 128 by keeping to the left at this point as this is exit #45.

By Train

Commuter Rail trains to Rockport leave regularly from Boston's North Station. Once in Rockport, you are a 5-10 minute walk from downtown and the Atlantic ocean.