Chores and Maintenance

  • Remove mildewed annuals 
  • Continue deadheading annuals and perennials 
  • Lightly prune overgrown hedge, foundation plantings 
  • Prune wisteria for last time 
  • Continue to cut off flower stalks of daylilies, after blooming 
  • Clean cold frames for fall use 
  • Order spring flowering bulbs 
  • Begin to critique garden for next yearʼs improvement 

Plant and/or Transplant

  • Transplant broadleaf evergreens, especially hollies 
  • Begin planting spring flowering bulbs 
  • Transplant biennial seedlings for next yearʼs blooming 
  • Plant Madonna lilies, chrysanthemums, kale for fall color 


  • Roses, trees and shrubs - after leaves fall from deciduous trees 
  • Chrysanthemums – weekly until buds show color 
  • Lawns – use nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), potassium (K) - ratio 4-1-4 

Pest Control

  • Begin Japanese beetle grub treatment 
  • Watch for aphids and black spot 
  • Check euonymous, privet, pachysandra for scale insect – treat with oil spray