Chores and Maintenance

● Sharpen, clean, oil tools

● Disinfect pots, containers

● Continue spring cleanup — avoid soggy soil

● Prune trees and shrubs — not damaged groundcover

● Prune spring flowering shrubs — after blooming

● Enrich soil with compost, manure, superphosphate, etc.

Plant and/or Transplant

● Sow annual seeds in cold frames

● Sow warm and cool season vegetables and herbs (temperature 60°

● Trees and shrubs

● Roses — balled/burlapped, container, or bare root

● Groundcovers and perennials


● Woody plants before new growth

● Trees and shrubs (high nitrogen organic fertilizer)

● Bulbs (superphosphate, manure, organic fertilizer after blooming)

● Roses (manure or rose organic fertilizer)

Pest Control

● Spray fruit trees (when 1/2” growth) with dormant oil when temperature

stays above freezing

● Apply crabgrass control.