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Parking in Rockport

If there are any special parking considerations at a garden site,
it will be noted in the tour ticket booklet. Garden greeters
will direct you to the available parking spaces.

We hope you will have time on your tour day to visit
our Rockport businesses.

The town of Rockport is a lovely historic seaside
town at the end of Cape Ann just north of
Boston and it really comes alive in the summer.
The downtown area spaces are metered and
they accept credit cards as well as coin. The
hours of operation are 10am to 6pm, 7 days
a week including hoilidays.

Rockport also established a satellite parking lot
off Route 127 at 2 Blue Gate Lane that offers
free parking and at $1 per person shuttle ride
each way into town. This is the way to go as
parking in Rockport is limited.