Parking in Rockport

If there are any special parking considerations at a garden site,
it will be noted in the tour ticket booklet.

We hope you will have time on your tour day to visit
our Rockport businesses. The following parking information is
made available from the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to metered parking in the downtown area:
--50 cents per hour on Broadway, High Street and
Mt. Pleasant Street south of T-Wharf;
--$1.00 per hour on Mt Pleasant Street north of T-Wharf,
Dock Square, Main and School Streets; and
--$2.00 per hour on Beach Street.

Rockport has a free parking facility,
the Blue Gate Parking Lot, located
as you arrive in Rockport on Route 127.
Watch for parking signs when you enter Rockport.
The lot's entrance is approximately 1 and 1/2 miles
from the Gloucester/Rockport line on Route 127 (Upper Main Street)
and about 1/4 mile past the Rockport Visitor Information booth.

From the parking lot, it is about a 3/4 mile walk to
downtown Rockport. The Blue Gate Parking Lot is open
seasonally from about Memorial Day weekend through
about Columbus Day weekend, including daily
operations during July and August.

Parking in the Blue Gate Parking Lot is free,
while the trolley running between the parking lot and
downtown Rockport costs $1/person each way and
runs between 11:00 am and 9:00 pm.