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During 2010, the Invasive Plant Committee
of the Rockport Garden Club surveyed
and mapped Rockport properties town-wide
recording the presence of Japanese
Knotweed on homeowners' and public land.
Flowering Knotweed Knotweed

Club members are at the top of the list of residents
who may request and receive help in eradicating this
invasive plant from their property. However, we feel it
is important that all garden club members and others
have access to information regarding this invasive
plant. With acquired knowledge each one of us can
spread the word to our families and neighbors who
may be unaware of its presence.

Co-Chairs:  Nan Blue 978-546-9755
                          Laura Hallowell 978-546-2405

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Why Do Research on JK in Rockport?

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Data: Location, Size, Vigor

Additional reference:
King County [WA State] Noxious Weed Control

Montana State University Extension Service: