Rockport Garden Club

Gardening in our Beautiful Seaside Village

and Serving our Community

Gardening Inspirations!

From time to time as we gardeners plan
additions, subtractions and various revisions
to our own gardens, it is helpful to see
what can work and what other gardeners
are doing.  Take a moment to view these
awe inspiring gardens from some of our club
members, relish the gardens they have created,
and be energized in evolving your own gardens!

(To view these gardens simply click on the
underlined text to bring up photos.  Then
manually click in the black space to move
forward. Enjoy!)

 Creative Feast Buffet

A buffet table by Liz Barbour of:
(Previous Meeting Speaker)  

Artwork Inspired from our Gardens
(By Nancy Caplan, Club Member)

Paul Steen's Shade Gardens
(Previous Meeting Speaker)

Joanne Wood's Gardens
(Club Member)

Gretchen Anderson's Gardens
(Club Member)