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Indoor Gardening

Pamper your houseplants and/or visit a
greenhouse and try something new!

Indoor gardening has its own
challenges relative to light, nutrients,
humidity, diseases and pests.

Here are some helpful hints:

1. Humidity--Use a humidifier to add moisture  
to the air. Plants crave it in winter and
just 2-3 hours a day canmake a big
difference. Aim a cool air  humidifier at
your plants, but aim a warm air
humidifier away from your plants.       

2. Terrarium--Use an old fish tank to set  
  up a terrarium. Put plant pots in
the fish tank or plant directly in the
tank using a layer of charcoal followed by
3-4 inches of potting soil. Humid
loving plants like orchids will love it.

3. Protection--Protect your furniture        
from water rings by waterproofing
a clay saucer with a clear coat of
polyurethane.  Various plastic lids
also work well. 

4. Fertilizer--Save the water from           
boiling eggs. The Calcium leaches from
the shells and will encourage blooms. 
Water from an aquarium (not saltwater)
also contains lots of nitrogen for plants.

5. Watering, If you are going away for a   
few days, fill a Turkey baster with water
including the bulb and insert it
about 1 inch into the soil creating a
vacuum. It will slowly drip water for a
couple of days. You can also put a potted
plant in a larger bowl filled with
2-3 inches ofwater. The water will soak
up through the drainage hole.

6. Grooming--Keep your plants well
        groomed by removing dead leaves and
   spent flowers. Dust plants with fine
hairs such as african violets with a
soft toothbrush.