History of the Daffodil Project

The Daffodil project began in the autumn of 2011. The club ordered
and planted 4000 bulbs in the town gardens and in selected sites. The
bulbs are planted in drifts and clusters as the sites allowed. The Club
also sold an additional 1000 bulbs to club members for planting in their
home gardens. The next spring we received many lovely comments about
the beautiful display of spring color making the hard work of organizing
and planting very worthwhile.

In the autumn of 2012 several thousand more bulbs were planted at
more sites throughout the town. We also sold Daffodil bulbs at the
Rockport Harvest Festival. There are two photos taken at the festival
sale included on the Daffodil Project webpage.

The Daffodil project will continue for the next few years with a smaller
but consistent effort each year. We have learned that some sites
need more bulbs, a few sites were less hospitable due to plowing,
salt, etc. and we always learn of new sites to consider.

This year we added more bulbs at senior housing on Broadway, at
the Babson Museum on Nugent stretch, and on Atlantic Ave. We
also supplemented the triangle in the south end because of accidental
town mowing. The Daffodil project has provided a welcoming display
of spring color in our town for all to enjoy and will continue to provide
it for many years to come as the bulbs naturalize over time.