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Rockport's Daffodil Project

In the spring of 2010 the Rockport Garden Club
embarked on a 3 year project of planting
and naturalizing daffodils throughout
the town of Rockport.
Our goal is to enhance the beauty of Rockport
by planting daffodils which bloom each
spring in our town gardens, home gardens,
and at selected sites throughout town.

The Daffodil Committee researched and chose
the following bulb varieties: Carlton,
April Queen, Ice Follies, Spellbinder, Mt. Hood. 

Daffodi_Carlton  Daffodi_April Queen  Daffodil_IceFollies
 Daffodil_Spellbinder  Daffodil_Mt. Hood

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Slideshow of Daffodil Sites

Daffodil Project History

Rockport Harvest Festival    Rockport Harvest Festival

The Rockport Harvest Festival Daffodil Bulb Sale

The Daffodil Committee includes many
willing helpers.  If you are interested in
participating with the fall 2014 planting,
please contact:

Peggy Coonley, 978-879-7464,
peggycoonley@yahoo.com or
    Judy Leach, 978-546-9507,