What is Japanese Knotweed

What is Japanese Knotweed and why do we need
to eradicate it? Originally imported as an ornamental
in the late 1800s, it was recognized decades later
as one of the most tenacious, aggressive and invasive
plants ever imported to the Western Hemisphere.

Knotweed is a large, clump-forming, herbaceous
perennial with 4 to 12 foot tall canes giving a
bamboo like appearance. Knotweed displaces native
vegetation due to its aggressive growth. It forms dense
stands that crowd out all other vegetation, degrading
native plant and animal habitat. It is difficult to
control because of extremely vigorous rhizomes that
form a deep, dense mat. It can grow through asphalt.
If attempts are made to dig it up, plants can resprout
from stem or root fragments. Seeds and fragments will
sprout on damp earth.