Eliminating knotweed

Eliminating knotweed will be a long-term process with repeated
effort for several years.Through education and identification and
community-wide efforts, we hope that one day Rockport
will become free of this noxious weed.

Here on our website we have posted photographs, the
methods of eradication we are recommending to our members,
and links to articles that describe early detection, prevention
and management by various treatment options. Cutting
followed by chemical control, digging up plants and smothering
with fabric or plastic are methods described in the web
articles. For those who wish to work on their own, we can
offer advice.

Contact us if you would be willing to spend some time
helping other RGC members. Working in an area
surrounded by wetlands (within 100 feet of a wetland)
requires a permit. If you wish to know whether your
land is wetland or not, contact the
Conservation Commission Office at 978-546-5005.